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EasyAccount is an business accounting software which is specially designed to maintain all accounting transactions over trading business, offices, manufacturer companies, departmental stores, shopping complex, hotels, factories etc which are locally or internationally connected through own private network or internet. It keeps your business at your hand by which you are able to handle, monitor and control your business coverage. It's so simple and easy to handle. It's very easy to use. It helps you to maintain party payments, receive payments from parties, stock ledgers, employee attendance, work in progress, financial progress, products manufacturing from raw materials, sales and inventory, sales and Point etc.

  • Accounting System

  • Online Invoice Billing
  • Multi Account Group/Ledger Setup and Configuration
  • Party Ledger Setting(Vendor, Customer and Employee)
  • Membership and Area wise Registration and Report
  • Journal Voucher and Other Voucher Entry System
  • Void and Non Void Transaction Control
  • Final Report with BS, PL, Trial, Group Summary, Ledger Summary Statement, Ledger Category, Day Book, Cash Flow, Fund Flow, Cash Book, Debtors/Creditors Report, Sales/Purchase Report, VAT Report

Inventory Management System

  • Inventory Group and Sub Group Registration
  • Inventory Item Registration (VAT and Non VAT, Max/Min Stock, Sales and Purchase Price, Supplier, Free and Other Issue, Bar code Control)
  • Stock Entry (Purchase, Production with Accounting Treatment)
  • VAT and Non VAT Transaction (Issue, Return) in Sales and Purchase
  • Opening and Expire/Breakage Registration
  • Group wise Stock Report In Quantity and Price(Sales and Purchase)
  • Sales, Purchase Transaction Report with Party and Item wise
  • Membership and Area Transaction Report
  • Minimum and Maximum Stock Level Information Report

Product Manufacturing System

  • Production Item Configuration( Group, Sub Group and Item Ledger)
  • Production Rate and Material Using Configuration
  • Product Production with Employee Accounting Transaction
  • Auto Stock Registration in Warehouse from Final Production
  • Material Transaction Report (Using Material, Stock Material) with Employee
  • Group wise Material Report in Quantity and Price
  • Final Production Report with Cost Calculation

Secured Security System

  • Individually Task Allotment System for Users
  • User Log System
  • Transactions Activities Log System
  • High Security enabled with TCP/IP address
  • Prevents Unauthorized IP Address access.

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