College Account & Administration Software

GYAN is a one platform which covers billing, evaluation, Library Management etc. It is fully tested and proven solutions for all types of educational institutions. GYAN is different from all the other products available in the market in terms of features as well as price. This system is simple yet powerful platform that connects all the departments of an educational institution namely office administration, account, library, hostel, examination, transportation, extracurricular activities and so on. It is a well designed application that offers numerous features to organize, interact, express, create, search, store, and communicate within the educational institutions. GYAN is a solution we purpose for your institution, designed and developed keeping in mind the various parameters which are required to be monitored and applied for a reputed educational institutions which are either the leaders in the field or trying to cut the niche for themselves. .

Academic Features

  1. Student Registrations
  2. Student Admissions
  3. ID Card/Library Card Generations
  4. Scholarships Approval System

Library Management System

  1. Different Books Category Setup.
  2. Books Purchase.
  3. Books Issue.
  4. Book Receive.
  5. Book Request.
  6. Fine for Expired books.
  7. Books availability checks by students.
  8. Generate Expired books by borrower

Student Evaluation System

  1. Student marks entry
  2. Student Progress with in session
  3. generate Mark-sheets
  4. Generate Class Ledger

Extra Genuine Features

  1. Online Reporting for Balance, Exam-Results, Library Reports
  2. SMS Reporting for Balance, Exam-Results, Library Reports

Financial Reportings

  1. Financial Reports balance-sheet, Trial Balance, Profit & loss Account
  2. Financial Cash Flow,
  3. Student Fee Statements
  4. Dues Calculations

Secured Security System

  1. Individually Task Allotment System for Users
  2. User Log System
  3. Transactions Activities Log System
  4. High Security enabled with TCP/IP address
  5. Prevents Unauthorized IP access
  6. Bios Level Encrypted passwords for users


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